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Where The Spa Meets the Street…

OKA b. is founded on the principle that fashion and comfort should never be mutually exclusive. Imagine a shoe that not only looks great with every outfit but feels great with every step. A sandal given the thumbs up by your doctor and your best friend. A slide that matches your wedding gown and massages your feet as you dance down the aisle. A flip-flop so stylish it’s featured in fashion magazines. A shoe that’s 100% recyclable, waterproof, made in the USA and priced under $45.

Our Humble Beginnings…

OKA b. began with two basic styles – a slide and a thong, designed to feel like a spa shoe by integrating the principles of reflexology and ergonomics. Today the line has expanded to include dozens of styles and colors adorned with natural seashell, gemstones and ribbon, without compromising on comfort. Massage beads pamper the foot and promote good posture. OKA b.s are also crafted using a single piece of proprietary Microplast® material and are antimicrobial, waterproof and washable. Each season OKA b. designers adapt runway trends to introduce new designs to the collection. From summer brights to subdued fall tones, bridal collections to the casual weekend flop, there’s an OKA b. sandal for every look and for every occasion. These features make them a hit in upscale resorts, spas, hotels and fine gift shops around the world.

OKA b. Shoe and Sandal Information

Everyone knows OKA b. shoes are cute and comfortable, but they are so much more than just a pretty accessory. Here are a few things you may not have known about OKA b. products that set them apart from other comfort shoes in the market:

Reflexology-Inspired Design

The therapeutic principles of reflexology guide the design of OKA b. products. All of our shoes feature an ergonomic footbed enhanced with massage beads to pamper feet with every step.

Antimicrobial & Odor Resistant

OKA b.’s non–absorbent material resists the growth of mildew, fungus and bacteria. A great feature for spas and resorts!

Non-Slip & Non-Marking

OKA b. shoes are slip-resistant, providing stability on wet or dry terrain. Our colorful shoes won’t leave marks on the floor.

Microplast® Technology

Proprietary Microplast® technology provides a lightweight, flexible shoe that remains comfortable and durable. Microplast’s chemical make up is Poly Vinyl Chloride which is actually made from salt and fossil fuel.

Dishwasher Safe & Colorfast

OKA b.’s non-absorbent material makes all our shoes without attachments dishwasher-safe and easy to sanitize. Keep your feet clean and healthy – your OKA b.s will resist fading even through repeated washings. Do not place shoes with attachments in the dishwasher.

One-Piece Construction

All OKA b. shoes, including thongs, feature one–piece construction for superior durability and comfort.

Endless Color Combinations

OKA b. offers a diverse color palette and style selection that allows you to create the perfect fit for your retail environment.

Made in the U.S.A.

The OKA b. design team and factory are located north of metro Atlanta in Buford, Georgia. On–site manufacturing allows for unmatched quality control and attention to detail.

Environmentally Conscious

OKA b. shoes are recyclable according to International Universal Recycling Code Number 3. Customers can now send their well–loved shoes to our corporate headquarters, where they will be ground and mixed with virgin material to create new product. To learn more about this program, click here.


American Made, american quality


You see the term everywhere, but what does it really mean? At OKA b., it means everything. Our product is manufactured in our 110,000 square foot factory in Buford,GA, just thirty miles from Atlanta. Because we care deeply about our environment, our factory is low-waste and uses recyclable materials to make every pair of our signature sandals. Distribution from our on-site facility also helps to reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating steps in the supply chain. In addition, we employ more than 250 hard working people in both our Atlanta and Buford locations. We bring jobs to our community and take pride in knowing that we are helping to build and strengthen our economy instead of outsourcing it.

To us, Made in the USA also means being responsible to our community beyond producing quality products and reducing our carbon footprint. It means using those products to help others in needs. In addition to encouraging our own customers to send back their well-loved OKA b. sandals to our factory where they are ground and turned into new product, OKA b. is proud to partner and donate both product and dollars to the following organizations:

– The American Cancer Society – OKA b. supports the fight against breast cancer by donating to the American Cancer Society as well as sponsoring events such as Relay for Life and The Hope Lodge. Since 2010 our company has donated thousands of shoes to breast cancer patients going through treatment at cancer centers nationwide. OKA b. has also created a limited edition Pink Ribbon Madison slide. For every pair of these slides sold online, $10 will be donated to thet American Cancer Society.
– Soles4Soles – In 2010, OKA b. donated more than 20,000 pairs of sandals to the people of Haiti follwing the devastating earthquake.
– OKA b. is a family owned company that actively supports and fosters community building in Atlanta and around the globe through various additional philanthropic initiatives.

So you see, Made in the USA is more than just a tagline. It’s a motto. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a mission. And at OKA b., it’s 100% true.


Flexible Ballet Flat


The therapeutic principles of reflexology guide the footbed design of all OKA b. shoes. Our enhanced massage beads, arch support and sculpted heel cup will pamper your every step!


Our Proprietary Microplast technology provides a lightweight, flexible shoe that remains comfortable and durable.


Non-absorbent material has anti-microbial properties that resists the growth of bacteria, odor, and mildew.


OKA b. shoes are slip-resistant, providing stability on wet or dry surfaces. Our colorful shoes won’t leave marks and scratches on your floor.


Our non-absorbent material makes our shoes machine washable and easy to sanitize. They never fade, making it east to keep your feet clean and healthy.


Our factory and design team are located just north of Atlanta in Buford, Georgia. Our on-site manufacturing allows for unmatched quality control and attention to details.


OKA b. shoes are recyclable! When it’s time to retire your well loved OKA b. shoes, you can take them to any recycling facility that accepts items labeled as #3 under the International Universal Recycling Code. Alternatively, OKA b.’s can be sent back to our factory where we will happily recycle them into new pairs. To learn more, call us at 1.888.730.6522.

OKA b.’s Ergonomic Footbed

Eco Friendly Shoes


At OKA b., we pride ourselves on being an eco-friendly company practicing continuous loop recycling. Our low-waste factory in Buford, Georgia recycles everything from flip flops and sandals to boxes and other raw materials. We encourage all of our loyal consumers to recycle with us. It’s so easy!

Simply send your well-loved OKA b. flip flops and sandals to us at the following address:

4823 Roy Carlson Boulevard
Buford, GA 30518
Attn: Recycling

Once we receive the shoes, they are ground into small usable particles that are blended at a specific weight ratio with new material. Each color is segregated and fed into a gravimeter blender (good cocktail party lingo!) that combines regrind, virgin material, and color concentrate at a specific ratio that is fed directly into our machine. To maintain our stringent mechanical tolerances we do not blend more than 20% of recycled material when making new shoes. Any material that is deemed unusable in our process is sold to a company that turns it into industrial mats. We currently sell less than 3% of our total material.

We’re doing our part to keep the planet green. Now you can, too!

Current Styles we have in store Now.

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